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Oil/Air Separator

BBK Performance 

Oil Separator Kit

18 Parts

Oil Separator Kit
  • Clean Up Your Engine Fuel Burn And Add Life
  • Anodized Gray Finish
  • Direct Fit
  • Base Unscrews For Service And Cleaning
  • Includes Correct Hoses To Ensure Direct Fit
  • Install In Minutes
  • Installs On The Passenger Side
  • Maintains Proper Octane Levels To Reduce Potential Detonation
  • Recommended Drain Interval Is Approx. Every 1500 Miles
  • BBK Is Your Number One Aftermarket Performance Brand
  • Made In The USA

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Ford Performance Parts 

Oil-Air Separator

6 Parts

Oil-Air Separator
  • Precision Molded Canister
  • Unique Filter Separates Oil Vapor From The Air In PCV System
  • Uses OEM Hoses And Fittings
  • Highly Engineered System

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